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Micro vs. Macro influencers

Macro Influencers:

Considered Famous, over 100,000 followers on their platform, household name.


While macro influencers can persuade the masses, a lot of their campaigns are seen as not “genuine” to consumers. We all know they’re getting a little lump sum for their post, so of course their reviews will be the best.


Macro influencers are great for exposure. Although they don’t have as much personal reference as a micro influencer, their reach and notoriety will help bring awareness to your products.


BUT! Not everything you do has to be big, sometimes the little things matter.

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For instance, the micro-influencer:

Normal person, under 10,000 followers.


Micro influencers come in clutch just as much as Macro influencers, and here’s why:


Micro influencers have a more personal connection with their followers. Because of this they can offer more relatable content to their audience. Millennials as consumers would buy something from their peers before a celebrity, and micro influencers act as that “peer”.


For example, a micro-beauty influencer could have a particular interest in natural hair. So their audience looks for their content to give them natural hair inspiration. As a hair company, you could take advantage of their reach by supplying them with kinky style extensions in different styles to create different forms of content.

All of this content would is authentic because it already aligns with the influencer’s brand and relevant to both of your platforms.

However, there is a cap on how many people the micro-influencer can reach. Although they are cheaper than their counterpart they are not exposed to as many people. You may have to invest in multiple micro-influencers to get the same impact that you would with a macro influencer.


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